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You don’t have to be a design professional to profit from the fastest growing trend in the home remodeling and interior design industries.

If you are looking for an extremely affordable way to build a residual income online – HMD online interior design may be the fantastic opportunity you’ve been looking for.

As America’s leading online interior design firm, HMD has helped thousands of homeowners remodel, renovate and decorate their homes.

Thanks to affordable fixed fee per room design packages and ultra-convenient online project management our virtual design services have filled an under-served niche in the marketplace.

Online Design vs. Traditional In-Home Consultation

Contrary to some industry perceptions the emergence of affordable online interior design hasn’t stolen business away from traditional local designers, instead its created a new and much larger demographic of design clientele.  A survey of 954 HMD clients found that 89.6% of them had never worked with an interior designer before hiring HMD.

Affordability, convenience and the elimination of geographical constraints has stretched the interior design industry to enable its professional expertise to be shared with a much greater number of households.

We need your help to market these new affordable services online and through social media using our best practices and/or your unique marketing strengths.

The Online Interior Design Process

HMD employs a proprietary five phase project management process that ensures our clients’ objectives are achieved and that HMD delivers an interior design experience unlike any other.  Click here to read more about HMD project management.

With HMD online design you’ll offer a digital product to a much larger demographic of interior design client located anywhere and in doing so you’ll be part of an online community of designers who are extremely thankful to profit by fulfilling the interior design opportunities generated from your efforts.


Online Design Pays 25% of the total Sale Amount

When homeowners purchase online interior design consultation at discounted prices through your website or using your promo codes you’ll receive a 25% referral commission or as much as $74.50 per room designed.

HMD processes the orders and fulfills the services without you having to take any additional action whatsoever.