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The Opportunity

72 percent of homeowners surveyed plan to decorate or redecorate and 40 percent plan to remodel… read more

As an interior design professional you have a unique opportunity to offer an affordable fixed fee design solution to a new demographic of design client located anywhere in America.  HMD enables you to outsource 100% of the fulfillment of these online design services while also plugging you into a designer network that can refer you new (traditional in-home) interior design clients.

The Solution

Homemade Design Corporation (HMD) is America’s leading online interior design firm.  We’ve helped thousands of homeowners remodel, renovate and decorate with the help of a professional interior designer via affordable online and in-home consultation.

As we’ve built this online interior design business we’ve developed proprietary technology (SQL driven SaaS in the Cloud) to serve a much larger customer audience with efficient virtual interior design consultation.

Today we are proud to be associated with over two hundred HMD Certified interior design partners  across the country as part of a network pursuing the HMD vision of design for everyone.

Your Own HMD Online Design Reseller Website

Whether you are a design professional seeking new full-service projects to grow your business or just entrepreneurially minded seeking a low cost / low maintenance opportunity to generate a residual income online – you’ll be very happy to learn more about HMD online design.

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It can start with your website, blog, network, social media or mail list.

There’s no cost whatsoever to offer discounted online interior design services  that leverage your existing audience or social network.  You can begin generating a new revenue stream immediately while outsourcing all of the fulfillment to HMD.

If you prefer, we’d be thrilled to build one of our seriously SEO optimized online money making machines for you.  We’ll build it, you market it and when homeowners buy online interior design services you’ll earn 25% of the revenue from HMD’s popular online Room Recipe’s and Unlimited Design consultation services.

Every project redeemed using your promo codes earns you 25% referral commissions, paid monthly.

All order acceptance, customer service and design services fulfillment are managed by Homemade Design.

Online Interior Design – The New Digital Commodity 

Selling a digital product online with no cost of inventory, no stocking, no shipping is a pretty amazing way to build a residual income that sells for you while you do more important things.

You can market your online design website using online best practices or according to your personal preferences and selling strengths.  Leverage your contacts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  Partner with your Realtor and Mortgage connections to gift free Room Recipes that when redeemed can be upgraded by the client to unlimited online or in-home interior design consultation.

Real Time Tracking & Reporting

Log into your reseller account and see redemptions and earned commissions in real time.

Income Potential

As an HMD reseller you’ll profit from offering three extremely unique products online to potential clients located anywhere within the USA.

Room Recipe – A pre-set collection of comprehensive specifications based upon selections of room, style and color.

Regular Price: $40 per room
You Offer at: $20-$39
You Make 25%: $5 – $9.75 per room

* currently all room recipes are fulfilled by HMD’s in house design team

Unlimited Consultation – Ongoing consultation with a professional interior designer by email, telephone and using online tools with no hourly limits until the clients project is complete.

Regular Price: $299 per room
You Offer at: $249-$298
You Make 25%: $62.25 – $74.5 per room

* currently all online unlimited consultations are fulfilled by HMD’s in house design team