Designer F.A.Q.’s

Q. Do I have to be a designer or decorator? 

A. No, if you are not a qualifying design professional you can still operate as a reseller.  Any in home consultations sold will be assigned to a qualified HMD designer from our designer network.


Q. What are the criteria for designer participation?

A. Interior designers and decorators must be HMD Certified.  Click here to review the certification criteria for interior designers, all others who do not meet the interior design criteria will be listed as an interior decorator or reseller.


Q. I am a recent design graduate and don’t meet the 5-years experience requirement, can I be listed as a designer? 

A. Anyone who does not meet the designer requirements can be listed as a decorator.  Your status can be changed in the future based upon changes in qualifications or experience working with HMD.


Q. Will I be providing the online interior design services?

A. No.  Presently Homemade Design Corporation’s in-house team fulfills all online design consultation.  In the future we expect to enable interior designers and decorators to “plug in” and utilize our online design project management system in, so stay tuned!


Q. How much can I earn?

A. Each room redeemed at using your promo code pays you 25% of the sale price or as much as $74.50 per room designed.


Q. Am I able to fulfill in-home design consultations sold through HMD?

A. Yes. Designers that meet the HMD Certification criteria have the option to fulfill in-home design consultations they sell and also those sold by our many designer and reseller partners from across the country.

If you sell an in-home consultation through your website or using your promo code and the project isn’t located in your service area or you or the client determine there isn’t a “fit” HMD will assign the project to another designer.


Q. What if a client purchases in-home consultation in a city far away from me?

A. Another HMD Certified interior designer or decorator would be matched to that client’s project to provide the in-home design consultation.


Q. Can I fulfill in-home consultation in my local area that didn’t originate through my HMD reseller website?

A. Yes, in-home consultations are assigned by HMD to the local HMD Certified designer that best fits the client’s unique project objectives.


Q. Tell me more about “in-home” consultation sold online that I may be fulfilling.

A.  HMD offers homeowners the opportunity to pre-purchase 1, 2 or 3 hours of in-home consultation at a pre-negotiated and discounted rate of $89 per hour. Any consultation beyond this pre-purchased amount would be fulfilled in a new contract directly between the client and designer and would exclude HMD.


Q. What happens if the homeowner wants more consultation after the pre-purchased hours?

A. Additional consultation and the purchase of any products or materials is negotiated directly between the client and the designer without the involvment of HMD whatsoever.


Q. Can I partner with HMD without purchasing an online design website? 

A. Yes.  Click Here and complete the HMD Certification Application.


Q. I have a specific web design need, can HMD help build a custom solution for me?

A. We have partnered with an amazing web design firm, Pixel8Media.   They would be happy to answer your questions regarding building a 100% customer solution.  To contact them, click here.


Have a question not listed here?  Contact us.